Supplier of arenga palm sugar – Some people might think that Palm Sugar is only made from palm tree sap. Even though palm sugar has two types of raw materials, people can easily differentiate them. The two types of palm sugar are Arenga Palm Sugar and Coconut Palm Sugar. These two types of natural sweeteners are produced from palm tree sap for Arenga sugar and coconut sap for coconut sugar. Even though it has almost the same color, palm sugar has a redder color than coconut sugar. Apart from that, arenga sugar tastes sweeter than coconut sugar.


Palm Sugar and Coconut Sugar are two natural sweeteners that do not undergo lengthy processing so they are safer to consume. Palm sugar processing is shorter without the addition of chemical colorings or artificial sweeteners including refined sugar. Palm sugar can be used as a food and beverage sweetener for both industry and personal consumption. Several companies making healthy foods and drinks use this sweetener because it has a low glycemic index. Apart from that, these two sweeteners have an organic form with organic certificates accompanying each product such as EU organic, USDA, JAS, etc. If you are a food and beverage factory owner who wants to buy palm sugar in bulk then CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa could be a consideration.


supplier of arenga palm sugar

Supplier of arenga palm sugar

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is an exporter of organic coconut sugar which also supplies palm sugar in bulk packaging. They sell pure, unmixed palm sugar of the best quality. BASFOOD has collaborated with traditional palm farmers to produce the best palm sugar using traditional methods. On organic palm plantations, farmers care for and harvest fresh palm sap to make quality palm sugar.


BASFOOD not only sells palm sugar through export activities but also sells palm sugar and coconut sugar in retail packaging. This retail packaging is in the form of a standing pouch with sizes 250g, 300g, and up to 1 kg. These products have spread to various regions in Indonesia, especially on the islands of Java and Bali. Currently, they are also looking for traders and brokers to market OEM coconut sugar and palm sugar in Private Label packaging for the European and American markets.