Indonesian Pure Palm Sugar Producer

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is a pure palm sugar producer that has a sugar processing factory in Yogyakarta. The location of our sugar factory is in Kulon Progo with a very strategic location. Each processed sugar has a special quality of taste and aroma. Currently, pure palm sugar products are BASFOOD’s mainstay products for export and sale in the local market. BASFOOD provides two forms of palm sugar that have been widely marketed, namely, palm sugar and printed palm sugar.

Granular palm sugar is palm sugar in the form of powder or commonly known as crystal palm sugar. Palm sugar products are usually used to sweeten drinks and food toppings. The form in the form of granules/powder is more soluble in water and at high temperatures. So it can be more easily mixed with drinks and food served. The form of printed palm sugar is different from powdered palm sugar. Mold Palm Sugar has a dense and slightly soft shape, its solid shape is the result of dehydration of palm sap which is printed on sugar molds. The texture that is not hard and slightly soft is proof that mold palm sugar does not contain the addition of refined sugar or cane sugar. Usually, the shape of printed sugar has the shape of a semicircle, tube, or box. Palm sugar is usually referred to as block palm sugar or block brown sugar. Block brown sugar can be melted down to liquid brown sugar.

We are a pure palm sugar producer that has been supplying palm sugar for cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants in several major cities in Indonesia. BASFOOD bulk palm sugar has been exported to various countries in Asia, Europe, and America

If interested in premium quality pure palm sugar, please contact us for the best offer. With quality palm sugar, of course, it will add benefits to each of your food and drink menus.