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If you want to buy coconut palm sugar bulk in high quality with lower price?

We supply high quality organic coconut sugar bulk with lower price, Our organic coconut sugar is produced from organic farmland in Kebumen – Central Java. To achieve our production targets, we work with many local coconut farmers who have organic farming land. And to guarantee the comfort and safety to every customer, Our coconut sugar production process is strictly controlled by an Internal Control System (ICS) team dedicated to ensuring the highest quality.  Our coconut sugar have organic certificate USDA-NOP and EU with certificate number CU 847432, we also have KOSHER and halal certificate.

Product Specification Our Organic Coconut Sugar:

  • Source : Neera of Coconut Palm Tree
  • Validity Period / Shelf Life : 18 months
  • Color : Light brown to dark
  • Form : Powder / Granulated
  • Size : Mesh 14 or 16
  • Moisture content : maximum 2.0%
  • Sucrose : > 80%
  • Glucose : 2-5%
  • Fructose : 3-5%
  • Status : Natural (Non-Organic) and Organic

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Supply Ability and Minimum Order

Minimum Order: 4000 Kg or 4 Ton,
Supply Ability: 60.000 Kg or 60 Tons per months

Packaging : Bulk in Bag, Box and retail packagings

Our coconut sugar bulk has been sent to Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, Kuwait, Canada, Sri Lanka, Tahiti, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Korea, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Russia, Slovakia.



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