We selling Coconut Sugar with brands and custom packaging sizes 250 and 300 grams. This high-quality Coconut Sugar with attractive packaging is perfect for starting a coconut sugar trading business. We provide coconut sugar packaging in the form of kraft paper, standing pouch, standing pouch with window, plastic/glass jars, paper cans and also in cardboard packaging.

Coconut sugar in 250 and 300-gram packages is very economical for customers. Besides the low price, all potential customers can buy it. The target market or potential customers for this packaged sugar are beginners who want to try coconut sugar products. And also people who have used coconut sugar but want practical packaging.

Selling coconut sugar will be very easy because many people need coconut sugar as an alternative sweetener. Moreover, an attractive packaging design will add to the selling value of coconut sugar. You only need a market share and a place to sell it, we will prepare the production and packaging process. If you want to start an OEM Coconut Sugar business, please click here or call WA at +6282134505737.


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