Indonesian Coconut Sugar – If you are an importer of coconut sugar in Europe and America, of course, you will look for coconut sugar in Southeast Asia as a coconut sugar-producing country. Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam will probably be the countries you will go to to get the best coconut sugar. However, compared to other Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia has coconut sugar products and coconut products that have potential as raw materials for industrial needs.


Indonesia has hundreds of producers of coconut sugar and coconut products with good quality. One of them is CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa or BASFOOD is a leading organic coconut sugar producer and exporter of coconut products. They are used to exporting coconut sugar and coconut products to Europe and America, currently, 32 countries have imported their coconut products.


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Indonesian Coconut Sugar Supplier

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa has received a recommendation from as a trusted supplier of organic coconut sugar. They export Indonesian coconut sugar of the best quality as raw material for food and beverage factories in Europe and America. Several large companies from Russia, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Serbia, and Ukraine have imported Indonesian coconut sugar. The organic coconut sugar they produce has EU and USDA organic certificates from the Control Union. Apart from that, they have implemented the HACCP, HALAL, and KOSHER food management systems to ensure the safety of their products.


Business Contracts for traders and brokers

Apart from Indonesian coconut sugar products, they also provide Indonesian virgin coconut oil, and also Indonesian palm sugar as their best-selling product. These products can be purchased in bulk or retail packaging (with confirmation of the required quantity). Currently, they are developing by opening business contracts with coconut sugar traders and brokers in Europe and America. It is possible to collaborate with brokers on other continents in the coconut sugar business. Moreover, they also have an OEM Coconut Sugar Private label which is packaged with a white label for reseller needs. Buyers can sell coconut sugar under their brand without having to produce it because BASFOOD will do everything. Brand owners only need to look for potential buyers through marketplaces or offline stores in their country.


Coconut sugar is a potential business

The OEM Coconut Sugar business is a potential business in 2024 or in the years to come. This is because people are increasingly interested in starting to live healthily by reducing high-calorie sweeteners. Indonesian coconut sugar is a sweetener that has low calories with a low glycemic index label. This natural sweetener can directly support healthy living programs such as dieting and limiting the consumption of high-calorie sugar.