Bulk Coconut Oil Supplier

BULK COCONUT OIL – Coconut oil is a vegetable oil produced from extracted coconuts to produce natural oil. This oil has many benefits depending on the type of coconut oil used. Because coconut oil has a very varied form of coconut oil. Starting from pure coconut oil to coconut oil that has undergone refining and […]

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Source of Natural Palm Sugar

The palm tree is a plant that has high beneficial value. This tree has a shape like a short coconut tree, but the trunk is wider. For almost centuries, humans have used palm trees to produce sweet drinks (toddy), fermented drinks (toddy & arak). In addition, palm sap is a source of natural sugar which […]

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Using Coconut Oil as Slimming

Various slimming tips are carried out by many people who are not confident about their weight. One of the slimming tips they tried was using coconut oil. Coconut oil products have benefits for skin and body health. The good fat content in coconut oil can prevent obesity.   Coconut oil contains several nutrients that function […]

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