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Endulzantes naturales adecuados para hornear

  Cuando se trata de hornear con edulcorantes alt, el azúcar de coco sale en la parte superior. Pero, ¿qué es exactamente el azúcar de coco, y qué tan saludable es realmente? El azúcar de coco es ampliamente promocionado como una alternativa saludable de azúcar. Aún así, es importante ser realista: el azúcar de coco […]

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Guide: Choosing Suitable Natural Sweeteners

Sugar has become an integral part of the majority of people on this planet. Sugar is generally consumed as a sweetener of food or drink, so it is not surprising that sugar consumption is increasing every year. Unfortunately, sugar is also one of the food ingredients that can bring disease to many people. One of […]

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Find Sweet and Healthy from Coconut Sugar

Because of the health benefits, natural sweeteners are increasingly popular for many people. Among the natural sweeteners on the market, coconut sugar is recommended. Coconut Sugar, also known as Coconut Palm Sugar is nectar that drips from the flowers of the Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Tree.   Coconut sugar is loaded with essential minerals like 10 […]

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