Towards a happy old age

A beautiful old age because having a healthy body with good brain function is everyone’s dream. Many elderly people have reduced physical abilities and also decreased brain abilities. It is undeniable, everyday humans enter an age that cannot be resisted. As we get older, humans experience increased abilities. However, if it has passed the productive […]

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Other Names of Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener that is liked by everyone, both young and old alike. The sweet and savory taste, as well as the distinctive coconut aroma, is a pleasure in itself. The spread of the use of coconut sugar throughout the world is almost even. Moreover, coconut sugar is a good choice of […]

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The Difference between Pure Palm Sugar and Fake

Pure palm sugar is a sweetener made from pure palm sap which has a distinctive aroma and taste. The character of its naturally sweet and legit taste makes the price of palm sugar more expensive than palm sugar. Moreover, many believe that palm sugar has a positive effect when consumed in the long term. The […]

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