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Health benefits of Organic RBD coconut oil

Organic RBD coconut oil has become a commodity that is in high demand for industrial needs, especially the food, cosmetics and health products industry. Refined Bleached Deodorized (RBD) Coconut Oil is the most popular form of Coconut Oil worldwide. It’s one of the purest and best due to the bleaching and deodorization process. The oil […]

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The function of the Low Glycemic Index on Organic Coconut Sugar

Many people believe that organic coconut sugar is an alternative sweetener that can be consumed by people with diabetes. Many people with diabetes may have the impression that all-natural sweeteners are healthier than highly processed sugar replacements. One of the most popular natural sugars is coconut sugar. Low glycemic index (GI) is one of the […]

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Coconut Nectar Syrup – Sweet, Rich in Nutrition and Cheap

Coconut nectar syrup is a natural sweetener that can be used to replace conventional sugar (cane sugar) and can be applied like using honey and the like. Coconut nectar syrup is made from collected coconut nectar and processed into thick sweet syrup without the addition of any substance. It has almost the same nutritional content […]

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