Brown Sugar Scrub : For beautiful skin

Brown sugar scrub is currently competing with scrubs made from charcoal granules. Granular brown sugar has granules of sugar that can be used as a brown sugar scrub. Using brown sugar scrub as skin care has been done since ancient times. Brown sugar granules can remove dead skin cells without irritating the skin. In addition, […]

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Liquid Brown Sugar

Liquid sugar is an important raw material in the beverage business such as coffee, milk tea, and ice cream. This sweetening liquid has a liquid form of natural sugar and synthetic sugar. Synthetic sugar is produced from artificial sweeteners which have a sweet taste 1000 times that of natural white sugar. Meanwhile, natural sugar has […]

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Organic Coconut Sugar Aroma

Why Does Brown Sugar Smell Burnt?

At this time brown sugar is the best choice as a natural sweetener which is claimed to be “healthier” than other sweeteners. Brown sugar is natural sugar made from coconut flower extract and palm flower extract. The aroma of brown sugar in general has a sweet and distinctive aroma. However, not a few brown sugar […]

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