organic coconut sugar farmer

Coconut tree into one tree species are utilized almost all parts. For traditional communities, especially in Indonesia, coconut tree is often called “The Tree of Life”. There are many things that can be produced from palm trees, one of the most valuable is the coconut sugar.

Sugar produced from the sap coconut coconut buds, was processed by cooked into a syrup and dried. Almost no chemicals in the manufacturing process. Coconut Sugar is one of the healthiest types of natural sweetener. The sugar has a rich sweetness and a hint of caramel flavour, similar to brown sugar. It has an unbeatable nutritional content which includes essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the World Bank recently released a report that states palm sugar was bar none the world’s most sustainable sweetener. Containing a host of valuable nutrients and minerals, coconut sugar still manages to produce on average 50-75% more sugar per acre than cane varieties. Even so, Coconut Sugar is still a direct 1:1 substitute for cane sugar. Add to drinks, desserts and baked goods whenever required.

Organic coconut sugar is the best type of coconut sugar. Organic means nothing at all chemicals used in the manufacturing process, and even since the coconut trees are planted. Although it does not use preservatives and chemicals in the making, coconut sugar generally be stored for long periods in dry conditions (can be more than one year).

Currently organic coconut sugar becomes a commodity with high demand throughout the world as more and more people aware of the benefits of coconut sugar sweeteners. This is certainly the most direct impact for many people, especially the coconut farmers. Yes, they are the ones who will feel the happiness and get a more prosperous life than a palm tree. So no doubt if the term “The Tree of Life” for the coconut tree is true.