Coconut Sugar Cupcake recipe

Spring comes, means there is plenty of food to be cooked. It’s also a great time to clean out the closet of a variety of foods that are not healthy. There are many ideas and recipes will be cooked in this season, it’s like a tradition that often happens when spring comes.

Cooking good food is favored by many people, but it makes a healthy diet is a must to do. Speaking of healthy foods, it may be started by using a healthy condiment. Coconut sugar is the first step to make your meals healthier. It’s a delightful unrefined sugar made from the sap of the cut flower buds of the coconut palm. It tastes more like brown sugar than it does coconut and is said to have a low glycemic index, the which helps maintain blood sugar levels.

One of the things I love about experimenting with natural sugars is the ability to amplify the flavors in your recipe. For example, Because coconut sugar has a darker almost earthy flavor, it’s wonderful in baking recipes using chocolate or warm spices. It’s also brilliant stirred into coffee or tea, sprinkled on top of pancakes or waffles, or used to Brighten Up savory recipes like curries, chicken or fish. Here are a few inspired ways to use coconut sugar in your kitchen this season:


Red Velvet Cupcakes – Keepin it Kind. Whole grain flour, coconut and sugar beets combine to make-Reviews These healthy vegan cupcakes.


Coconut Milk Masala Chai – Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish. Making your own chai mixture at home is a favorite in our house Because You can completely customize the which spices you’d like to feature. Mixing it up with a little coconut milk and coconut sugar amplifies the darker flavors and makes for a soothing, satisfying break to the day.


Rum-Kissed Coconut Granola – Bojon Gourmet. There are all kinds of ways to sweeten granola. Some people use honey while others prefer maple syrup. If you’re looking to try something new, coconut sugar adds a layer of caramelly, nutty flavor that works beautifully in most granola and muesli recipes.


Coconut Soup with Bok Choy – Rawmazing. This nourishing soup is bright and fresh Also while being comforting and satisfying. Boasting baby bok choy, marinated mushrooms and warm spices, a little coconut sugar is used along with coconut milk to add a subtle sweetness.


Flourless Brownies – Homemade Mommy. With just a handful of ingredients, Reviews These decadent chocolate brownies are the perfect dessert and are easy Also a wonderful afternoon treat with tea or coffee.