Organic Coconut Sugar Producers

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is an organic coconut sugar producers as raw material for food and beverage production. We produce organic coconut sugar at our organic coconut sugar factory. Our coconut sugar factory has an organic license from Control Union with license number CU 847432. Our coconut sugar products have EU and USDA organic […]

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Source of Natural Palm Sugar

The palm tree is a plant that has high beneficial value. This tree has a shape like a short coconut tree, but the trunk is wider. For almost centuries, humans have used palm trees to produce sweet drinks (toddy), fermented drinks (toddy & arak). In addition, palm sap is a source of natural sugar which […]

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Melaka Sugar Producers

Many Indonesians refer to coconut sugar as brown sugar or Javanese sugar. However, some Malay people call coconut sugar as Melaka Sugar. Traditionally, Melaka sugar is made from high-quality pure coconut sap. In general, traditional coconut sugar is printed on coconut shell bowls. It is perfectly semicircular in shape and has a smooth texture. The […]

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