Brown Sugar Packaging

Brown sugar (not coconut sugar or palm sugar) is sugar that has the main component of white sugar mixed with cane syrup or molasses. This sugar gives a sweet caramel sensation to every food and drink. Many people use brown sugar as a coffee and tea sweetener. Currently, many brown sugar producers make it with […]

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Coconut Sugar Shipping Costs

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is an exporter of organic palm coconut sugar-based in Semarang – Indonesia. BASFOOD has a organic coconut palm sugar factory located in Kulon Progo – Yogyakarta. BASFOOD coconut sugar has a high quality based on the quality of its taste and aroma. In addition, we also guarantee the hygiene of […]

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Bulk Coconut Sugar for Industry

Coconut Sugar is the main raw material in the manufacture of food and beverage products. Usually, the food and beverage manufacturing industry uses coconut sugar as a product sweetener. Not only that, the aroma of coconut sugar can make food a distinctive aroma. An example in making food that is baked or baked, or drinks […]

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