Names for Coconut Sugar - Cocos Nucifera

Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener that is liked by everyone, both young and old alike. The sweet and savory taste, as well as the distinctive coconut aroma, is a pleasure in itself. The spread of the use of coconut sugar throughout the world is almost even. Moreover, coconut sugar is a good choice of sugar to replace granulated sugar. Coconut sugar users also hope to be able to live a better life by consuming coconut sugar. Everyone can probably find coconut sugar products in the store window. However, if you don’t find it, maybe these other names for coconut sugar sucah as coconut sweet, candy, etc can help:

Coconut Candy

In terms of the word, Coconut Candy is candy from coconut. However, in some areas, especially in East Asia, coconut sugar is known as Coconut Candy. This is not surprising, because coconut sugar does have a sweet taste. In addition, the form of coconut sugar which is compressed at a small size makes it like candy.

Coconut Sweet

Maybe most readers will think that Coconut Sweet is sweet coconut fruit or processed coconut meat that is sweetened. However, in East Asia, especially Korea, some people call coconut sugar Coconut Sweet. This is possible because coconut sugar comes from coconut trees. So the mention of coconut sweet refers to sweet coconut sugar or sweetener from coconut.

Gula Melaka

In accordance with its name, Gula Melaka is another name for Coconut Sugar in the Southeast Asian region, especially Malay. Gula Melaka is usually intended to block coconut sugar. Block Coconut Sugar has 2 forms of mold, half circle, and a tube. Gula Melaka is made by traditional coconut sugar artisans from generation to generation. This makes the taste of Gula Melaka unchanged to this day.

Gula Jawa
Java Island is the largest producer of coconut sugar in Indonesia. Almost all coconut sugar products marketed in Indonesia are coconut sugar from Java. Thus, many Indonesians call it Gula Jawa. Apart from Indonesians, Surinamese people also call coconut sugar Gula Jawa. This is related to the ancestors of the Surinamese who are Javanese.

Those are other names for coconut sugar that can add to our vocabulary, making it easier for us to find coconut sugar around the world.