Organic coconut farmers – Coconut products are an export commodity that is much sought after by buyers in Europe and America. Coconut products can be food and non-food products which can have economic value for their users. Food products from coconuts include coconut oil, coconut meat, coconut water, and coconut sugar. Meanwhile, non-food products from coconut include coconut sticks, coconut stems, coconut leaves, coconut charcoal, and coconut fiber. All coconut products are the work of coconut farmers who make them wholeheartedly.


organic coconut farmers

Coconut farmers are people who plant coconut tree seeds and care for and harvest the results from the coconut trees they plant. This work is usually carried out by residents who live around the sea coast or on mountain slopes where coconut trees grow. These farmers have their agricultural plantations and some also rent plantation land from coconut plantation owners. They take various benefits from coconut plantations, such as coconut sap, coconut fruit, and coconut leaves. All parts of coconut have quite high economic value so that their agricultural products can meet their needs.


Organic Coconut Farmers are Coconut Masters

Coconut farming is a job that has been passed down from generation to generation, with knowledge passed down from their parents or ancestors. One of them is coconut farmers who have been doing their work for more than 10 years, they can be called Coconut Masters. These farmers can be called organic coconut farmers, considering that they plant, care for, and process coconut consumption products naturally. This organic coconut farmer has inherited the knowledge of planting and caring for coconut trees naturally without using chemicals and modern technology. They passed this knowledge on to their children and grandchildren, as a step to preserve existing coconut trees so that they remain productive.


Currently, these organic coconut farmers have become convincing working partners for producers of organic coconut sugar and other coconut products. It is their ability to obtain quality coconut sap, and also select the best coconuts for coconut products such as desiccated coconut and coconut flour. The ability to select good raw materials will certainly influence the quality of the products produced. So the role of organic coconut farmers becomes vital in producing high-quality coconut products.