Happy Old age

A beautiful old age because having a healthy body with good brain function is everyone’s dream. Many elderly people have reduced physical abilities and also decreased brain abilities. It is undeniable, everyday humans enter an age that cannot be resisted. As we get older, humans experience increased abilities. However, if it has passed the productive age, humans will experience a decrease in cognitive function. Of course, everyone can prepare for their old age to go to a beautiful and better old age than usual. Here are tips that need to be done towards a beautiful old age:

Increase physical activity at a young age

Youth activities determine one’s old age, because the more activities you do, the better your metabolism will be. An indicator of a person’s activity is measured by how often he is active, not by how heavy the activity is. Physical activities such as sports and work are positive activities. The lightest exercise that can be done is by walking, jogging, or lifting weights. Physical activity at work can be done in accordance with each job occupied.

Consume nutritious food

Every human activity requires nutrition to get energy and also restore the body’s condition. Every nutrient that the body needs can only be obtained from the food and drink consumed. Healthy food is a source of important nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, and zinc. Meat, fruit, vegetables, and milk are good sources of nutrition for the body. The addition of food supplements such as vitamins and minerals can also help meet the body’s nutritional needs.

Avoid using food additives in the long term

Preservatives, sweeteners, and artificial food coloring are food additives that are normally used. The use of food additives in large quantities also does not make the body better. However, long-term use will be quite harmful to the human body. It is better to use natural ingredients such as sweeteners and food coloring in the food consumed. Such as the use of unrefined sugar, sugar without bleaching, and also natural dyes such as turmeric and pandan leaves.

Enough rest

During activities, the body also needs time to rest. Bedtime is the right time to restore the body’s condition. When the body rests, the nutrients in digested food can be maximally absorbed by the body. So that the body can recover faster and fitter when awake. Ideally, a person sleeps at least 8 hours every day, to be able to restore his body’s condition.

Think positively

Some proverbs say that the source of the disease is bad thoughts. This adage may be justified because with negative thoughts one’s emotions are not maintained. Excessive worry will also make the brain overthink. Of course, this will cause a person to be stricken with anxiety to the point where they lose their appetite and desire to be active. It’s good, someone can manage their stress levels. One of them is worship, yoga, and meditation to get inner peace and mind.