Coconut Oil Supplier - Virgin Coconut Oil Content

Virgin coconut oil is a vegetable oil produced from fresh coconut meat. This magical oil has many benefits for skin health and beauty. Virgin coconut oil content has a high concentration to be able to absorb perfectly on the skin. Currently, this oil is much sought after for use as a raw material for health products and also beauty products.


Maintain virgin coconut oil content

In the process of making Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), choosing fresh coconuts can be the main key. Because with quality coconut meat will produce thick coconut milk. The process of cooking and squeezing coconut meat must be done hygienically and sterilely. This prevents damage to the squeezed coconut milk. Coconut milk can be cooked over low heat and kept under control. In addition, some traditional VCO producers do not cook coconut milk to maintain the purity of the VCO. All production processes do not use chemicals that can damage the virgin coconut oil content. Even though they have different methods, they can ensure that the process carried out can maintain the existing nutrients.


The form of virgin coconut oil

Virgin Coconut Oil has a clear white color because in the process it does not undergo refining and the addition of dyes. Different from rbd coconut oil which is slightly yellowish due to the drying and heating process of copra. VCO has a distinctive aroma of coconut fruit, although not too strong. So that this oil does not need additional perfume seeds to make it smell good.


What are the contents of Virgin Coconut Oil?

Lauric acid is a very dominant component of virgin coconut oil to be used as a skincare product. In addition, our body will convert lauric acid into monolaurin as an antibiotic such as anti-fungal and strong bacteria.