expensive hair care products

In this modern era, many women use expensive hair care products that are not necessarily suitable for their hair. Various expensive hair care products have dominated women’s desire to have beautiful and healthy hair. Even though many hair care products use chemicals that are not necessarily good for the scalp.


This is because of their ignorance of the hair problems they have. Given the condition of each scalp, not all of them are strong against chemicals. In fact, there are many natural care products that can be used to make hair healthy and not irritate the scalp. Like coconut oil which has become a secret recipe from our ancestors to treat hair.


Coconut oil has essential nutrients that make hair healthy and shiny. In addition, coconut oil nourishes the hair tissue on the scalp. By moisturizing the scalp it is almost impossible for dandruff to grow which destroys the beauty of the hair. Coconut oil can also make hair grow thicker and softer. In tropical areas, coconut oil functions to protect hair from the dangers of UV rays. Because coconut oil can moisturize hair and prevent dry hair.


Today’s women have abandoned coconut oil as their hair care product. Even though the benefits of coconut oil have many benefits for hair health. In addition, the aroma of coconut oil can be used as a therapeutic aroma to relieve stress and depression. Of course, this would be perfect if you use it while relaxing along with washing your hair.