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The natural sweetener of coconut sugar is becoming popular nowadays because it has a low glycemic index. This sugar can be referred to as natural sugar because of the manufacturing process without obtaining other additional ingredients. Unlike refined sugar, coconut sugar has a naturally sweet taste. To produce quality coconut sugar, coconut sugar producers must work with traditional farmers who have a lot of experience. From their hands, the best coconut sugar is produced for export to various countries.

Liquid Coconut Sugar Supplier

BASFOOD is a coconut sugar producer that collaborates with hundreds of traditional farmers to produce quality coconut sugar. Every step of making coconut sugar is done by highly experienced people. Starting from coconut sap farmers to cooks who have decades of experience. The manufacture of coconut sugar uses traditional equipment that has been passed down from generation to generation. This is what makes the taste of coconut sugar never change from the past until now. Bearing in mind that coconut sugar is the heritage of the ancestors of the Indonesian nation.

Coconut sap farmers have large coconut plantations with traditional care. Every year, farmers plant new coconut tree seedlings and expand their farm area. In the process of care and nursery, coconut sap farmers still use traditional methods. The use of organic fertilizers and natural pesticides is an option so that agricultural land remains fertile and sustainable. Therefore, the production of coconut sugar has survived to this day and still has many enthusiasts.

BASFOOD is committed to helping maintain the survival of coconut sap farmers. We try to help farmers’ lives by conducting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities for farmers and residents around agricultural land. In addition, buying raw coconut sap from farmers will be a boost for them.

However, coconut sugar is an ancestral heritage that should be preserved because it has high economic value and benefits. So that all Indonesian people can enjoy it, especially the sap farmers who depend on agriculture for their lives.