Many people believe that organic coconut sugar is an alternative sweetener that can be consumed by people with diabetes. Many people with diabetes may have the impression that all-natural sweeteners are healthier than highly processed sugar replacements. One of the most popular natural sugars is coconut sugar.

Low glycemic index (GI) is one of the advantages of coconut sugar. Coconut sugar’s average GI rating differs from source to source. Regular table sugar has an average rating of 58, while coconut sugar’s GI is reported as low as 35 and as high as 54. A food’s GI rating is a measure of how much that food may raise your body’s glucose or blood sugar. Regular table sugar typically falls in the middle range. The middle range generally covers ratings from 56 to 69. Anything with a rating above 70 is usually considered to have a high GI.

So based on the results of the glycemic index make coconut sugar to be better than table sugar/cane sugar in terms of safe for diabetics sufferers.

Diabetes is a disease that affects how your body uses sugar. This sugar, also known as glucose, is essential to your health and everyday living. Your body’s cells derive their energy from it. This sugar helps fuel muscles and other tissues, including the brain.

Without properly managing your glucose, your blood sugar levels may climb too high or fall too low. If your blood glucose level is too high, you have hyperglycemia. If you have hypoglycemia, your blood sugar levels are too low.

Your blood carries glucose around your body to supply fuel for all of your body’s functions. A hormone called insulin moves the sugar from your blood into your cells where your body converts it to energy. Your pancreas produces insulin. If you have diabetes, your body either doesn’t have enough insulin or the insulin doesn’t work properly.

Although the glycemic index value in coconut sugar can be assumed as the reason why coconut sugar is safer for diabetics, the amount of daily consumption of coconut sugar must also be considered. It must be reasonable and not excessive because it is sugar too, it must still be watched for diabetics.

Organic coconut sugar is only an alternative natural sweetener that can be used, but maintaining a healthy diet remains the main thing to prevent diabetes from getting worse.