Since becoming famous around the world, Coconut sugar is being touted as a Healthier alternative to refined white sugar.
The reason is, because the coconut sugar has a relatively low GI, fewer carbohydrates, more minerals, and flavors that have made fans of many foodies.

Coconut sugar has a unique flavor, It tastes nothing like coconut since it comes from the flower bud of the coconut palm, and not the coconut itself. It tastes a lot like a subtle tasting brown sugar. Some say that it has a slight caramel taste to it.

Coconut sugar has many health benefits, the first being that it is considered a natural sweetener.
In addition to having a low glycemic index of about 35, It contains B vitamins, a high mineral content (potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron). It also contains glutamine.

There are many ways and ideas for using coconut sugar, especially for cooking. In using coconut sugar, you will find that it does dissolve in the liquid but it may not dissolve completely. On the other hand, coconut sugar does melt very Easily but has a very high burn temperature – this makes it a great choice for use in confections.

Many food industry, bread, drinks such as syrups have believed that by using coconut sugar as an ingredient for their products then it would make more perfect especially good for health.
So, why you should not hesitate to pick coconut sugar your daily sweetener