Indonesian organic coconut sugar – Indonesia is one of the largest organic coconut sugar-producing countries in the world along with other Southeast Asian countries. The Philippines and Vietnam are coconut sugar-producing countries in Southeast Asia that supply the world’s coconut sugar needs. These countries produce organic coconut sugar for export to countries in Europe and America. Because several countries in Europe and America have very high demand for organic coconut sugar products. They use organic coconut sugar products as food and drink sweeteners, as well as to color and sweeten food products. As in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Belgium, coconut sugar is used as a sweetener for chocolate and ice cream products. However, several countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada use coconut sugar to support organic food products.


Indonesian organic coconut sugar is one of the coconut sugar products that has become world famous because of its quality. The taste and aroma quality of Indonesian coconut sugar is very distinctive, different from Philippine coconut sugar and Vietnamese coconut sugar. Moreover, from a geographical and demographic perspective, Indonesian coconut sugar has various flavors and aromas. Cities producing coconut sugar in Indonesia are located at several different points, such as in South Java, North Sumatra, and Sulawesi. So the taste of coconut sugar in each region is different from the other, but still has good quality.


For example, coconut sugar comes from the south of Java, such as Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. Kulon Progo coconut sugar has a sweet taste that is not too dominant with a distinctive coconut aroma. Another unique thing is that Kulon Progo coconut sugar has a savory taste that can provide a different sensation from other coconut sugar. This makes Kulon Progo coconut sugar have a geographical indication certificate. This certificate states that Kulon Progo coconut sugar does not have the same taste as coconut sugar from any other region.


Even though coconut sugar has various characteristics according to each place of origin of coconut sugar, it does not reduce the quality of Indonesian organic coconut sugar. This difference can be beneficial for importers of coconut sugar as importers and producers of food products. Because they can choose Indonesian coconut sugar that is suitable for their business needs.