Benefits of palm sugar – Palm sugar or arenga sugar is a natural sweetener that does not undergo lengthy processing such as refining sugar. Natural sweeteners derived from palm sap or palm tree flower stem juice are an alternative to cane sugar. Many people replace cane sugar with palm sugar to sweeten their food and drinks. This is because palm sugar has a delicious taste and has more value than cane sugar. This sugar, which has a brownish-red color, is identical to coconut sugar, but the taste is sweeter and the aroma is smokier. People who use palm sugar hope for benefits from it, but does palm sugar have any benefits for its users?

Benefits of palm sugar


Here are 4 benefits of palm sugar that you need to know:

1. Improve digestive function
Because it is made from the juice of palm tree flowers, palm sugar contains fiber which is good for the body. The dietary fiber contained in palm sugar is inulin, a vegetable fiber that can control bacteria in the intestines. Indirectly, the intestines will work more optimally in absorbing minerals and other nutrients, so that digestion is not easily disturbed.


2. Maintain blood sugar levels

This natural sweetener is identical to coconut sugar, especially in terms of the glucose content in it. Palm sugar also has a low glycemic index, so it can release glucose in the blood gradually. The gradual release of glucose can prevent spikes in blood sugar levels in the body which can cause health problems.


However, even though it has a low glycemic index, it doesn’t mean you can use palm sugar excessively. Limiting sugar consumption is highly recommended even though it is classified as good sugar. According to the American Heart Association, adult men can consume a maximum of nine spoons or 36 grams of sugar. Meanwhile, adult women are only recommended to consume six spoons or the equivalent of 25 grams.


3. Maintain bone density and muscle strength

The mineral content such as potassium and phosphorus in palm sugar can be a good intake for bones. Potassium and phosphorus can also protect muscle tissue in bones from various health problems. Apart from that, potassium can also maintain the nervous and muscle systems to reduce the risk of heart palpitations and muscle contractions.


4. Restores body energy

Arenga sugar contains carbohydrate compounds that are very easily absorbed by the body. This content is even easier to digest than carbohydrates produced from white sugar. Just use palm sugar in the drink you are going to consume to dissolve the palm sugar then drink it after you have finished your activity. So palm sugar can restore the body’s energy instantly so that it is fresher again.


These are the benefits of palm sugar that you need to know, always provide palm sugar in your kitchen as a sweetener for delicious dishes for your family.