jeggery india - bulk brown sugar

Brown sugar (not coconut sugar or palm sugar) is sugar that has the main component of white sugar mixed with cane syrup or molasses. This sugar gives a sweet caramel sensation to every food and drink. Many people use brown sugar as a coffee and tea sweetener. Currently, many brown sugar producers make it with a mixture of coconut sugar and palm sugar. This is to enhance the taste and aroma of the two sugars.


Users of this mixed sugar can buy it at various supermarkets and marketplaces such as eBay, Alibaba, etc. There they sell brown sugar in various forms of packaging, from bulk brown sugar to sachet packaging.


Brown Sugar Sachets

If you want to enjoy brown sugar in sachet packagings, such as in hotel rooms and coffee shops, then sugar in sachet packaging is the choice. This sweet brown sugar is packaged in small ready-to-drink sachets with a serving size of 5-8 grams. Sachet packaging will certainly be easy to carry anywhere as an instant sweetener for tea or coffee. In addition, this sugar sachet will make your mini bar display more attractive.


Brown sugar Retail Packaging

For routine consumption and as a food or beverage flavoring, retail packaged brown sugar is also available to take home. The packaging size of 250g – 1kg is certainly enough to complement the spices in the kitchen. Usually, 250g brown sugar is the choice of consumers, because it is the right size and will run out faster before its shelf life ends. Sugar stored in retail packaging is also safer if stored for a long period of time. Because usually sugar packaging will be covered with aluminum foil.


Bulk Brown Sugar

Bulk brown sugar is usually intended for business needs such as coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, to bakeries. Sugar with bulk packaging is packaged in sizes of 5kg – 25kg. The price of bulk brown sugar is relatively cheaper than the price of sachets and retail packaging. Because sugar with bulk packaging does not require high packaging costs, it can reduce product prices. Besides that, buying in large quantities will certainly shorten the packing process even more.


Make sure the volume of sugar needed to be used before buying brown sugar in bulk, retail, or sachet packaging. A little sugar is enough to make food sweet, but too much sugar does not guarantee a sweeter life.