Because of the health benefits, natural sweeteners are increasingly popular for many people. Among the natural sweeteners on the market, coconut sugar is recommended. Coconut Sugar, also known as Coconut Palm Sugar is nectar that drips from the flowers of the Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Tree.


healthy organic coconut sugar
Coconut palm sugar is loaded with essential minerals like 10 times more zinc, 4 times the magnesium, 2 times the potassium and 36 times the amount of iron compared to cane sugar.

Another impressive fact about Coconut Sugar is the Glycemic index of just 35. This is great news for diabetics who must monitor their diets, as the Glycemic Index basically tells you how much a given food raises insulin. With low nutritional content and glycemic value, coconut sugar can be a healthy sweetener alternative for many people with diabetes. Since low-GI foods are slowly digested, they provide a gradual and sustained rise in blood sugar. This keeps you feeling full and satisfied and delays the return of hunger between meals. Conversely, high-GI carbohydrates provide short bursts of energy that satisfy you in the short term but soon leave you hungry.
Compared to other natural sweetener, coconut sugar also has a stronger sweetness than other natural sweetener. So we will not be afraid to lose the sweet taste when using coconut sugar.
Want to get sweet and healthy? start switching to consume coconut sugar