250g coconut sugar – Providing a jar of white sugar in your kitchen is certainly a normal thing that everyone does. White sugar is very commonly used as a food and drink sweetener which is easy to find and easy for everyone to use. Even though it has high calories, it is still the main choice for some people who have not used low-calorie sweeteners. However, some people who have noticed the long-term effects of using white sugar are starting to reduce it or even abandon it. They are starting to switch to using coconut sugar and several types of low-calorie sugar such as stevia and corn sugar. Among these sweeteners, only coconut sugar can be said to be the most natural sweetener without lengthy processing.


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Even though it’s not easy to start using coconut sugar to replace white sugar, the following tips can be quite effective.

Bought 250g coconut sugar

The use of white sugar may cause dependence for users because white sugar is very flexible to use. The sweet taste and color that doesn’t spoil food and drinks are certainly the main reasons. However, white sugar users can start using coconut sugar by buying 250g packages of coconut sugar. In this small amount, white sugar users can reduce the amount they use and mix it with a little coconut sugar in food and drinks. Do this gradually until the use of coconut sugar is more dominant than the amount of white sugar. If you enjoy it, you can stop buying white sugar and use coconut sugar in every food and drink you serve.


Use as a substitute for jam

Liquid coconut sugar has a thick and sweet texture, at first glance, its shape and taste are similar to honey. You can use coconut sugar syrup as a substitute for jam in your breakfast menu. White bread or pancakes can use liquid coconut sugar as a delicious sweetener. Apart from that, liquid coconut sugar can also be used as a topping for ice cream or frappes. Before using it directly as a substitute for white sugar, you can buy 250g of coconut sugar syrup to try it.


Use it as a substitute for Choco Granules

As a coffee lover, you are certainly familiar with choco granules sprinkled on coffee foam or cappuccino. Choco granules have a bitter-sweet taste which makes cappuccino coffee a fantastic taste sensation. However, if you want to switch to using coconut sugar, you can replace the choco granules with a sprinkling of granulated coconut sugar. Coconut sugar makes the coffee sensation more delicious, from taste to aroma. The coffee will have a slightly savory taste and also have a delicious coconut aroma. 250g coconut sugar is enough to use as a drink topping for up to 30 days assuming the use of 2 cups per day.


This is a method that can make the transition from using white sugar to coconut sugar easier.