Types of sugar in Indonesian Hotels and Cafes

types of sugar in hotel

Indonesia is the most comfortable place for European, American, and Australian tourists. Almost all tourists from all over the world like all segments of tourism in Indonesia, starting from delicious culinary delights, beautiful tourist attractions, and easy-to-find accommodations in the form of hotels, restaurants, and cafes. There are unique things that tourists will find when visiting Indonesia, especially when visiting hotels and cafes there. Tourists will be presented with various types of sugar in hotels and cafes.

Sugar is a mandatory sweetener that is always on every table in hotel rooms, cafes, and restaurants in Indonesia. Usually, sachet sugar packaged in the form of sticks or bags has a net weight of between 5 and 8 grams. This is intended to make it more practical to use one serving size of coffee. One cup containing 90 ml of tea and coffee is enough to use 1 sachet of sugar packaging to get the right sweet taste. The following types of sachet sugar are usually found in cafes, hotels, and restaurants in Indonesia as coffee or tea sweeteners:

Granulated sugar / Cane sugar

This sweetener is no stranger to the ears of the common man, crystal clear white crystal sugar that comes from sugar cane extraction. Granulated sugar has a very sweet taste and has no particular aroma, so it can be used as a sweetener for various foods and drinks. So granulated sugar is just as delicious when used as a sweetener for coffee or tea.


Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a sweetener made from molasses syrup or a mixture of refined sugar and brown sugar. The color of this sugar is almost similar to coconut sugar / powdered palm sugar which is brownish yellow and brownish red. This sweetener is not very familiar in household kitchens, because brown sugar is usually used only in cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Apart from that, brown sugar is also used as a sweetener for modern drinks such as boba milk tea, ice frappe, and ice cream. Brown sugar is more suitable to be used as a coffee sweetener than tea.


Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar Sweetener  is a natural sweetener that is currently becoming a trend for consumption. Coconut Sugar is a natural sweetener produced from coconut flower extract or commonly known as coconut sap. The distinctive aroma and taste of Coconut Sugar make it different from other sweeteners. In addition, coconut sugar is believed to have a low glycemic index, so it is considered “healthier” than similar sweeteners. Coconut Sugar is very suitable when used as a sweetener for Arabica or Robusta coffee, especially if you add creamer to get a more solid taste.


Palm Sugar

Palm sugar or palm sugar is a sweetener made from palm flower extract. Unlike coconut sugar, palm sugar has a brownish-red color and has a sweeter taste. The aroma of palm sugar is also very tempting for the taste buds. Palm sugar is the right choice as a sweetener for black coffee and milk coffee. Besides making the coffee taste more legit, the aroma of palm sugar and coffee will evoke a better mood for the connoisseur.

Corn sugar

Corn sugar is a sweetener produced from extracted corn kernels, thus producing a sweet syrup known as corn syrup. Unlike other sugars, corn sugar is in the form of a white powder that is fine and slightly shiny. Corn sugar is included as an artificial sweetener because it does not form naturally like other types of sugar. However, corn sugar has the advantage of having 0 calories in its sugar content, so it can be consumed by diabetics. Because it tastes sweet and has no special aroma, corn sugar can be used as a sweetener for tea or coffee.

The many types of sugar in hotels, cafes, and restaurants in Indonesia are one way to introduce the diversity of sweeteners in Indonesia. Because there are so many types of sugar produced by sugar farmers. With so many types of sugar in hotels, restaurants, and cafes, of course, there will be more options for sweeteners that are suitable for tourists. All the sugar provided is good for consumption, so there is no need to be confused about determining which sugar is suitable for the food and drink you are going to enjoy.