Wholesale Bulk Coconut Sugar

  Coconut Sugar is a natural sweetener as a raw material for the food industry in Asia, Europe, and America. The increasing demand for coconut sugar as raw material for beverage and food factories is followed by the high consumption of coconut sugar in the world. As a coconut sugar-producing country, Indonesia has experienced an […]

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Organic Coconut Sugar Factory

Currently, there are many organic coconut sugar products that do not have organic certificates on the market. Coconut sugar only claims to be an organic product without being accompanied by an organic label and logo. Genuine organic coconut sugar includes a valid organic label from a credible organic certification regulatory agency on its packaging. Organic […]

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Looking of Coconut Sugar Producer

Coconut sugar is Indonesia’s main export commodity to various countries in the world. Almost all regions of Indonesia are producers of conventional and organic coconut sugar. Because coconut plantations stretch widely from the western region to the eastern tip of Indonesia. Not all existing coconut plantations are organic coconut plantations. Only a few coconut plantations […]

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