Supplier of coconut sugar – Coconut sugar is a superfood that is currently on the rise to replace cane sugar. This natural sweetener from coconut sap has a low glycemic index so it is considered healthier than synthetic sweeteners or high-calorie sugar. Some people on a sugar diet use coconut sugar to sweeten their food and drinks. Apart from that, organic products to support a healthy diet and lifestyle use coconut sugar as the raw material. Food products such as granola and high-fiber cereals use coconut sugar to make the taste more delicious and improve the aroma.


The increasing healthy lifestyle adopted by people means the demand for organic and natural food products is increasing. New factories producing food and drinks with healthy labels and organic labels are increasing, especially in Europe and America. This also makes the demand for coconut sugar for raw material supply even higher.


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Supplier of Coconut Sugar

Food and beverage companies in Europe and America buy coconut sugar from coconut sugar importers in their countries. However, several food and beverage manufacturers usually look for coconut sugar suppliers through e-commerce Alibaba, Amazon and eBay. If you are looking for a supplier of coconut sugar for raw materials for your food and beverage factory, then CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BAFOOD) can be a recommendation. CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is an Indonesian organic coconut sugar producer which has an organic coconut sugar processing factory. They have been exporting coconut sugar since 2013 with the main products being organic coconut sugar and conventional coconut sugar.


Organic coconut sugar has an accompanying organic certificate in the form of an EU and USDA-NOP organic certificate. Unlike conventional coconut sugar which does not have an organic certificate, both have HACCP, Halal and KOSHER certificates. There is certainly no need to doubt the quality of BASFOOD’s coconut sugar, because they have been supplying coconut sugar to 30 countries in the world for 10 years. Russia, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Argentina, and Brazil are the countries with the highest export activity. BASFOOD also has its own brand of coconut sugar which can be marketed or resold under the NatureBAS brand. This retail coconut sugar product has pouch packaging in the form of 250g, 300g, 600g and 1kg coconut sugar.


Coconut sugar buyers can buy coconut sugar in bulk packages of 10kg to 50kg in paper sacks or carton boxes. Apart from that, CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa also provides white label coconut sugar purchases. So buyers can order coconut sugar with their brand and packaging.