Palm sugar factory – As a food and beverage factory owner, you will of course look for raw materials at low prices and the best quality. The selection of quality raw materials will determine the taste and quality of the products made. Especially if it is a food and beverage product that can be judged on appearance, cleanliness, and taste. These three things are very sensitive for consumers because they involve the tongue and feelings of other people as consumers. One raw material that needs special attention is sweeteners, especially for users of natural sweeteners. Moreover, currently, food and beverage manufacturers are starting to slowly abandon refined sugar and use natural sugar. Natural sugars such as palm sugar, coconut sugar, stevia sugar, and corn sugar are starting to be widely used by food and beverage manufacturers.


palm sugar factory


Raw Material for Manufacturers

One of the sweeteners chosen to replace refined sugar by food and beverage manufacturers is palm sugar. This natural sweetener, which doesn’t have a long processing process, is the main alternative because of its delicious taste. The sweet taste of palm sugar can balance the sweet taste of refined sugar so it doesn’t change the sweet taste of the product too much. It’s just that palm sugar has the aroma of burning smoke from the natural heating process with a wood-burning stove. However, this makes food and beverage products increasingly have a distinctive taste. Especially if used for biscuits, bread, coffee, and ice cream, it certainly makes the taste even more delicious.


Palm Sugar Factory

Several ice cream factories and biscuit factories in Europe and America have chosen Indonesia as their palm sugar supplier. One of the palm sugar suppliers they chose was CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD). BASFOOD is a palm sugar supplier that has affiliations with palm sugar producers who own palm sugar factories. They work together to meet the export demand for coconut sugar and palm sugar, considering that BASFOOD has an organic coconut sugar factory. Even though it does not have a palm sugar factory, BASFOOD also supervises the process of making palm sugar by HACCP food safety management standards. Meanwhile, for organic palm sugar production, the palm sugar factory also has EU and USDA organic certificates.


This is what allows BASFOOD to sell palm sugar cheaper than its competitors. Collaboration with farmers and traditional palm sugar factories has a symbiotic, mutualistic effect on their business. If you want to get palm sugar at a cheap price and good quality, then you just need to contact CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa.