Palm Sugar at wholesale – Palm sugar is a food ingredient that can be a necessity for food and beverage companies. This natural sweetener is much sought after by importers and companies making healthy food and drinks. Many people believe that palm sugar can make the taste and aroma of food more delicious. The aroma of roasted palm sugar traditionally has an alluring smoky aroma, due to the use of firewood when cooking it. This aroma can be a binding agent for the aroma of roasted coffee beans when used as a sweetener for coffee products.


The color of palm sugar can also increase the concentration level of food and drinks to make them darker. Using palm sugar as a sweetener for chocolate, coffee, and biscuit products can make the product color more exotic. Apart from that, the color of liquid palm sugar can beautify grain cereal products such as granola and oat biscuits. At first glance, it will look like liquid chocolate, but it has a different taste. The sweet taste of palm sugar can be equivalent to cane sugar, even though it has a low glycemic index. This low glycemic index is what makes palm sugar the choice for healthy food and drink producers to use. This can further support the product’s “healthier” status compared to cane sugar which has high calories.


palm sugar at wholesale price

Palm Sugar at wholesale

If you are the owner of a factory making food and drinks from coffee, and chocolate, to cereal grains then buying bulk palm sugar at wholesale prices is the right choice. Buying bulk palm sugar at wholesale prices will be able to cut production costs because the price is cheaper than buying retail. CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is a palm sugar supplier that sells palm sugar at wholesale prices. Apart from palm sugar, they also sell bulk coconut sugar at factory prices which can be another sweetener option. They can sell coconut sugar at factory prices because they have an organic coconut sugar factory that produces coconut sugar and palm sugar. They have been around since 2013 to export bulk coconut sugar and palm sugar for ice cream factories, bakeries, and chocolate factories in Europe and America.


If you are interested in the bulk palm sugar and coconut sugar products they sell, you can search for them on their official website. There is a marketing executive number there that you can contact to buy palm sugar or coconut sugar.