Indonesian coconut sugar exporters – Coconut sugar importers and food companies in Asia, Europe, America, and Australia will certainly look for the best bulk coconut sugar in Southeast Asia. Apart from having good quality coconut sugar, Southeast Asia is a place for producers and exporters of cheap coconut sugar. Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand are coconut sugar exporting countries that have high-quality coconut sugar. Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest coconut sugar export capacity considering that coconut sugar production there is always abundant. Almost every region in Indonesia has a coconut sugar factory, such as on the islands of Java, Maluku, and Sumatra.


indonesian coconut sugar exporters to sri lanka


The Characteristics Sugar

This makes the characteristics of Indonesian coconut sugar very unique because it has different flavors and aromas. Therefore, coconut sugar buyers from all over the world can choose which coconut sugar is suitable for their products. This is the reason why European and American coconut sugar importers buy coconut sugar in Indonesia. Apart from that, the excess stock of coconut sugar makes the price of Indonesian coconut sugar cheaper and more stable. So buyers can have an estimate to buy it from Indonesian coconut sugar exporters.

Indonesian coconut sugar producers make several forms of coconut sugar that can be exported. Granulated coconut sugar, molded coconut sugar, liquid coconut sugar, and cubed coconut sugar are products that can be purchased from coconut sugar producers. If you are still having difficulty finding Indonesian coconut sugar exporters, you can try contacting CV Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD).


Indonesian Coconut Sugar Exporters

CV Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is a supplier of coconut sugar and also an exporter of Indonesian coconut products. They have an organic coconut sugar factory that has EU, USDA, HACCP, Halal, and KOSHER organic certification. BASFOOD has been exporting Indonesian coconut sugar since 2013 until now. They are good cooperation partners for importers, traders, and brokers of coconut sugar in the world. BASFOOD can send bulk coconut sugar and ready-to-sell retail coconut sugar in white-label form. If you can’t find a trusted coconut sugar supplier, perhaps CV Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa can be the solution.