Coconut Nectar Syrup – Sweet, Rich in Nutrition and Cheap

Indonesia Coconut Nectar Syrup

Coconut nectar syrup is a natural sweetener that can be used to replace conventional sugar (cane sugar) and can be applied like using honey and the like. Coconut nectar syrup is made from collected coconut nectar and processed into thick sweet syrup without the addition of any substance. It has almost the same nutritional content as coconut sugar and is easy to apply in drinks and various recipes.

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We are a coconut nectar supplier and we have coconut nectar which is better in taste and quality. Our coconut nectar syrup is unique because it has a harmonious combination of nutrients, its complex sugar composition and rich caramel-like flavor.

We supply coconut nectar syrup in bulk packaging (jerry cans) and retail packaging (usually using mason jar). Our coconut nectar syrup is processed and packaged cleanly and safely for shipment.
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Use Coconut Nectar every day to sweeten tea, in smoothies, over pancakes and oatmeal for baking or in any recipe that calls for syrup. Because, It is 100% natural sweetener, has LOW Glycaemic Index, and due to its natural status, coconut syrup is also packed with nutrients.