Block coconut sugar supplier – Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener that is currently a favorite of healthy living activists. Sugar, which comes from the juice of coconut tree flowers, is believed to be a reasonable choice as a substitute for white sugar. This sweetener has a low glycemic index so it is believed to be healthier than high-calorie sugar such as white sugar. This is because coconut sugar can release glucose gradually in blood sugar, so it does not cause an instant spike in blood sugar. Coconut sugar has various forms, namely granulated coconut sugar, liquid coconut sugar, and molded coconut sugar. All forms of coconut sugar can be used to sweeten food and drinks. However, this time we will discuss molded coconut sugar which is used to support a healthy lifestyle.


block coconut sugar supplier

Molded Coco Sugar

Molded coconut sugar or block coconut sugar is coconut sugar that has a solid form resulting from compaction and removal of water content in the molded container. Molded coconut sugar generally has a shape according to the shape of the mold, such as from coconut shells and bamboo sticks. Semi-circular molded coconut sugar is produced from molded coconut shells. Meanwhile, the tube shape is produced from molding bamboo stems. Usually, the size of one printed coconut sugar mold weighs between 100g and 200g. This is due to the size of the mold used during the production process. However, as technology develops, traditional coconut sugar craftsmen and coconut sugar producers are starting to make innovations regarding the shape of molded coconut sugar. They make molded coconut sugar in mini sizes to make it easier to consume. Usually, this mini coconut sugar comes in the form of cube coconut sugar and candy coconut sugar.


As the name suggests, cubed coconut sugar is small cubes weighing 7-10 grams or smaller. Meanwhile, coconut sugar candy has a semicircular shape. These two mini sweeteners make it easier for consumers to consume them because it is easier to measure them per serving. Apart from that, the mini molded coconut sugar can be consumed directly like candy. This is certainly good news for consumers with a healthy lifestyle who want to use instant natural products. Wherever they can take this unique sweetener without worrying about filling their bag.


Block Coconut Sugar Supplier

Block coconut sugar can be a good business opportunity for healthy food producers and producers of natural sugar products. If you are interested in this product, CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is a good recommendation as a supplier of block coconut sugar. They are a block coconut sugar supplier with good credibility because they have been exporting coconut sugar since 2013 to Europe and America. BASFOOD supplies coconut sugar blocks in the form of coconut sugar cubes and coconut sugar candy. Just contact their marketing executive to get the best price quote.