coconut sugar recipe idea - using dark muscovado

Dark Muscovado is a sweetener product that is currently popular with many people. Many claim this sugar is healthier than regular cane sugar. The stronger caramel flavor and darker color make many people prefer muscovado over cane sugar. Muscovado sugar also has more mineral content compared to cane sugar. However, can using dark muscovado be like using cane sugar? Here are some tips on using Dark Muscovado that can be done.


Using dark muscovado as a marinade and sauce

Using muscovado as a marinade and sauce is a great way to go when you are preparing a barbecue dish. Muscovado can be used as a marinade for grilled chicken, beef, and turkey. Simply mix muscovado in a solution of soy sauce and butter as a spread for your barbecue seasoning. Get a nice colored frozen meat to serve. In addition, muscovado gives a stronger taste than sweet soy sauce. Simply add muscovado to a slurry of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic powder, mustard, salt, and pepper to make a delicious dressing.


Using dark muscovado as a drink sweetener

If you have tea, coffee, and milk on hand then muscovado can be the right choice. This sugar will make the drink sweeter and have a stronger taste. In hot drinks, muscovado will dissolve easily and add to the texture of your drink to be thicker. If you want to use muscovado for cold drinks, then use liquid muscovado as a topping for ice cream and frappe.


Dark muscovado as a dough mixture

Muscovado can be used as a sweetener in dough or as a spread on the surface of bread or biscuits. During the baking process of bread and biscuits, the caramel aroma from muscovado will make the bread and biscuits more fragrant. In addition, the muscovado brown color can also be a natural dye for bread and biscuits. Dark Muscovado can also be melted to make a spread on pastries, as well as popcorn. Several bakeries make delicious custards with sauce from Muscovado.