Palm sugar producers – The need for natural sweeteners for food and beverage products in Europe is increasing day by day. The use of refined cane sugar as a sweetener in the food and beverage industry is gradually starting to decrease. The use of refined cane sugar is decreasing day by day as people become more aware of the dangers of refined sugar. Refined sugar is sugar that undergoes a refining process to make the sugar color better and sweeter. Although on the one hand, it has a positive impact on saving sugar consumption, long-term use of refined sugar can cause health problems. Long-processed sugar tends to reduce the nutrients contained in pure sugar. Apart from that, refined sugar has high calories so its use needs to be limited, especially for diabetes sufferers.

Along with changes in healthy lifestyles in Europe and America, food and beverage factory owners are making innovative products. Those who initially used refined sugar for their products are now starting to innovate to make low-calorie products. One way they do this is to replace the composition of refined sugar with palm sugar. Several types of food and drinks use palm sugar, but several other products were developed to use palm sugar. This certainly gives consumers a better alternative product choice than using products with refined sugar.

Indonesia Palm Sugar Producers

Food and beverage manufacturers in Europe and America usually buy palm sugar through brokers or traders who have relationships with palm sugar producers. However, some of them import palm sugar directly from palm sugar producers. Indonesia is one of the countries that is an exporter of palm sugar to meet their raw material needs. There are hundreds of palm sugar producers there who also export various spices and coconut products.

The price of Indonesian palm sugar is cheaper compared to other exporting countries because there is a surplus of palm sugar for domestic consumption. Producers sell palm sugar wholesale with a low minimum order quantity. This can certainly be an advantage for food and beverage manufacturers who want to import palm sugar to Europe and America.