Palm Sugar Supplier - Coconut Sugar Supplier



CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is a leading supplier of palm sugar to supply palm sugar throughout Indonesia. We supply palm sugar to well-known cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels in Indonesia. In addition, several instant coffee factories and soft drink factories also buy our palm sugar. Our palm sugar is of good quality as a raw material for making coffee and soft drinks.


Palm sugar has a delicious aroma and a strong sweet taste compared to other sweeteners. The smell of burning smoke when cooking palm sugar is sometimes a delicious differentiating aroma. This aroma can unite the taste and aroma of coffee when mixed with palm sugar. So that the aroma of coffee is stronger, but has a delicious taste.


Apart from being a supplier of palm sugar, it also supplies bulk coconut sugar for food and beverage factories. We have an organic coconut sugar factory located in Kulon Progo – Yogyakarta. Our factory has obtained food safety certificates such as HACCP and Halal Indonesia. BASFOOD provides organic coconut sugar with EU and USDA certificates, in addition to conventional coconut sugar. Conventional coconut sugar is natural coconut sugar with no organic certificate attached to it. All coconut sugar can be the right choice for your business because the price is very cheap.


We also open opportunities for cooperation with coconut sugar brokers and traders to market our products. If you need bulk palm sugar, then contact us, a leading palm sugar supplier in Indonesia, to become your business partner. Contact us via email or WA to get the best offers.