banana coconut sugar

Kolak Pisang or Banana Compote (Banana soup with sweet coconut milk sauce) is a traditional dish popular in Indonesia. It is a banana slice boiled with coconut milk and has a sweet caramel flavor. It is perfect for consumption throughout the day and it can be served in warm conditions or added with ice depending on your preference.
A dish that looks simple but has a sweet and delicious taste, has quite a lot of nutrients and vitamins.

Are you interested in banana compote? it’s easy to make and can be done quickly in your kitchen.


1 comb of bananas, peel and cut into slices.

2 pieces of pandan leaves

500 milliliters of thick coconut milk.

250 grams of coconut sugar.

A little salt.

800 ml of water

How to make :
Slice the banana about 3-5 cm depending on what you want.
Water is boiled together with salt, pandan leaves and coconut sugar (you can add more if you like sweeter), then put the banana slices into boiling water.

Boil until boiling water and ripe bananas. Occasionally stirred so that the ingredients are evenly mixed. Next, add the coconut milk and stir it frequently so that the coconut milk is completely mixed. Boil for 20-25 minutes and ready to be served.

And according to the myths, banana compote (banana compote) is able to relieve stress after consumption. If you are curious, you should try it.