Palm Sugar Supplier – CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) is a palm sugar supplier for raw materials for the food and soft drink industry. In general, palm sugar has a shape that resembles coconut sugar, but the color, taste, and aroma are different. Coconut sugar has a slightly savory taste compared to sweeter palm sugar. While the color of palm sugar tends to be reddish brown compared to coconut sugar which is golden brown. The sweetener from the flower stems of the palm tree has a distinctive aroma like the aroma of wood burning smoke. This is because the manufacture of palm sugar still uses traditional methods of cooking using firewood.


Traditional food and beverage manufacturers use palm sugar as a sweetener for their products. Such as instant coffee drinks, ginger drinks, and boba milk tea using palm sugar as a sweetener. Meanwhile, foods that use palm sugar as sweeteners are klapertart, cakes, and puddings. The use of palm sugar will make the taste and aroma of food and drinks stronger. In addition, sweet and salty soy sauce producers use palm sugar as a flavor stabilizer and thicken the texture of soy sauce.


Palm Sugar Supplier - Organic Coconut Sugar Factory



BASFOOD supplies bulk palm sugar for business-to-business (B2B) needs at low prices. Buyers can buy bulk palm sugar with a low minimum order as a raw material for food and beverages. Bulk palm sugar is available in cardboard boxes and paper sacks with a net weight of 10 – 25 kg. Orders of 1 – 3 Tons can use Less Container Load (LCL) shipments with wooden or plastic pallets. If you order more than 10 Tons, we recommend Full Container Load (FCL) delivery.


Even though we are a palm sugar supplier, BASFOOD also provides coconut derivative products that can add to your shopping basket. Apart from selling palm sugar, we also sell organic and conventional coconut sugar for business-to-business (B2B) needs. Our Organic Coconut Sugar has EU and USDA organic certificates from the Control Union for export to Europe and America. OEM Coconut Sugar Private label is also available if you want to do a coconut sugar business with your label and packaging.


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