Sugar is generally consumed as a sweetener of food or drink, so it is not surprising that sugar consumption is increasing every year. Sugar has become an integral part of the majority of people on this planet. Unfortunately, sugar is also one of the food ingredients that can bring disease to many people. One of the most commonly found is diabetes.

When diabetes cases increase due to excessive consumption of sugar, it is necessary to find alternative sweeteners that can replace cane sugar and be healthier.
Are there healthier sweeteners for us? Of course !

Natural sweeteners are sweeteners recommended by many nutritionists to replace sugar cane. This is a sweetener that is actually made from natural ingredients that are generally without process or chemical additives. There are several natural sweeteners that are recommended to replace the consumption of sugar cane. They are: Agave, Stevia, Honey, Maple Sugar and Organic Coconut Sugar. They are healthy natural sweeteners and some have been used by many people since hundreds of years ago. You can choose the natural sweetener that you want and is suitable for your needs. But we want to discuss one of them which is a sweetener that is booming lately.
Organic Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener that has existed for hundreds of years.


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Even before sugar cane was discovered, coconut sugar had become the main sweetener for the community at that time. Coconut sugar is derived from the evaporated sap of the flower bud stem of the coconut palm tree, not from coconut flesh as you might have assumed, and has gained in popularity in recent years as health-conscious eaters have increasingly sought out alternatives to refined sugar. It’s the hands-down favorite of nutritionists because of its low glycemic index. And it’s rich in vitamin B8 and potassium, though nobody’s recommending it as a multivitamin substitute. Organic Coconut sugar is also suitable for use and added to any recipe. It has delicious sweet, caramel flavor that almost everyone likes. In addition to recipes, coconut sugar is also recommended for sweetening your coffee or tea. You have to try it ….