coconut sugar palm sugar

Most people may think of coconut sugar is equal with palm sugar, but the fact they are totally different. In fact, many people also said palm sugar when they want to buy coconut sugar. Actually, in terms of price, coconut sugar is higher than palm sugar. Besides the price factor, the following is the difference between coconut sugar with palm sugar.


  • Sources of sap
    coconut sugar is made from the sap of coconut trees, while the palm sugar made from sap of palm sugar trees
  • Nutrition content,
    Based on the research coconut sugar has no nutritional value better than palm sugar.
  • The physical properties,This is the easiest way to distinguish them. Palm sugar has a darker color than coconut sugar. It is associated with the process of harvesting and processing sap of palm sugar
  • Organoleptic properties
    Aroma of palm sugar is better than coconut sugar. Palm sugar has a very distinctive aroma, since a long time ago many traditional societies use palm sugar as a sweetener in drinks instead of sugar coconut.
  • Glikemik indeks
    Value glycemic index of coconut sugar is 35, and it was lower than the palm sugar has a glycemic index of 65. And for this, coconut sugar is better for diabetics than palm sugar.



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