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Ten Reasons Why Have to Choose ” Coconut Sugar “

  Sugar is one of the ingredients most often used by people on this planet. Many people like it because of the sweet taste produced. Although sweet and delicious to eat, but based on the research of nutritionists that sugar can adversely affect our health. Diabetes is one example of a disease caused by too […]

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The Best and Healthy Sweetener with Coconut Sugar

Since becoming famous around the world, Coconut sugar is being touted as a Healthier alternative to refined white sugar. The reason is, because the coconut sugar has a relatively low GI, fewer carbohydrates, more minerals, and flavors that have made fans of many foodies. Coconut sugar has a unique flavor, It tastes nothing like coconut […]

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Coconut Palm Sugar for Diabetics

Most people in this world like sugar, sugar has become part of their lives every day, almost no food and drinks that do not require sweetener / sugar except mineral water. For people with diabetes, sugar may be something that they consider to be consumed. If not, it could be bad for their health. And […]

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