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Differences Coconut Sugar with Other Sugars.

Coconut sugar (also known as coconut sap sugar, or coconut palm sugar, or evaporated coconut nectar) is produced from fresh sap oozing from the cut flower buds of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). Although called “coconut sugar”, in fact it is not from coconut but from the sap is processed to produce coconut sugar. Most […]

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Life more healthy with Organic Coconut Sugar

  Although it has a high risk to the health of the body, in fact many people prefer to take the risk that instead of having to live without sugar. What’s life without some sweetness, right? Can you imagine the atrocity of being sentenced to a life of bland food? Usually, the type of sugar […]

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Ten Reasons Why Have to Choose ” Coconut Sugar “

  Sugar is one of the ingredients most often used by people on this planet. Many people like it because of the sweet taste produced. Although sweet and delicious to eat, but based on the research of nutritionists that sugar can adversely affect our health. Diabetes is one example of a disease caused by too […]

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