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Get Slim and Healthy with Coconut Sugar

Every day, coconut sugar is getting popular as a healthy alternative sweetener. No doubt the nutritional content of coconut sugar is very good for health. In addition to nutrition, the reason a sense of fun make coconut sugar increasingly popular and many chefs recommend it to create the perfect sweet taste. Coconut sugar is made […]

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Coconut Sugar Good or Bad ?

  There are many topics and opinions that people talk about lately. It was about palm sugar as a sustainable alternative to cane sugar substitute. Some say the coconut sugar is better than sugar cane, while others say no. So, What are we supposed to believe? In fact many people use coconut sugar in their […]

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How to Use Coconut Sugar

    Nearly 80% of food in the world to use sugar as a sweetener. From baked goods to barbecue sauce, there seems to be sugar in everything nowadays. One thing to keep in mind that sugar can give bad effects for health. So control of the use of sugar is mandatory if you want […]

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