Bulk Desiccated Coconut – Are you an ice cream producer or bakery manufacturer looking for a supplier of desiccated coconut? Or brokers and traders who have potential desiccated coconut buyers? If so, then CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa (BASFOOD) can become a supplier of desiccated coconut for your factory needs.


We supply desiccated coconut for the needs of ice cream factories and bakery factories. As our supplier only exports desiccated coconut from fresh dried coconuts. This product has a good level of dryness and crispness, according to the fat content in it. BASFOOD supplies low-fat and high-fat desiccated in medium and fine-cut sizes. We named these products Fine grade Desiccated Coconut and Medium Grade Desiccated Coconut.




Organic Coconut Sugar Factory - Bulk Desiccated Coconut

CV. Bonafide Anugerah Sentosa is a supplier of bulk desiccated coconut at affordable prices. Bulk desiccated coconut buyers can order it with a low minimum purchase, min. 1 Ton. Purchasing bulk desiccated coconut below 5 Ton, we recommend using pallets and Less Container Load (LCL) shipments. While purchases above 5 Ton we recommend using Full Container Load (FCL) shipping. If you are a bread producer, we also offer coconut flour which can be sent with desiccated coconut. Coconut flour can be a substitute for wheat flour, especially for gluten-free bakery products. But if you are an ice cream producer, we offer desiccated coconut along with coconut sugar syrup which has a low glycemic index.


Besides supplying desiccated coconut and coconut flour, we also produce organic and conventional coconut sugar. We have an EU and USDA-licensed organic coconut sugar factory from Control Union. BASFOOD produces Coconut Sugar granules, Coconut Sugar Syrup, Coconut Sugar Cubes, and Coconut Sugar Mold. Besides that, we also provide palm sugar, virgin coconut oil, and RBD Coconut Oil Red 0.4 and 0.8. We can send all the desired products together in one shipment.


Contact us, suppliers of desiccated coconut and organic coconut sugar factories for all your factory raw material needs. Get the best price offers from us and also cheap shipping costs.